20. One Word Substitution

20. One Word Substitution

    1.       A book published after the death of its author           Posthumas
    2.       A book written by an unknown author           Anonymous
    3.       A cinema show which is held in the afternoon            Matinee
    4.       A citizen of the world             Cosmopolite
    5.       A contagious disease which spreads over a huge area             Epidemic
    6.       A drug or other substance that induces sleep             Soporific
    7.       A flesh eating animal              Carnivorous
    8.       A game in which neither party wins Draw
    9.       A game in which no one wins             Draw
    10.   A game or batter in which neither party wins              Drawn/ Tie
    11.   A Government by a king or queen   Monarchy
    12.   A Government by one           Autocracy
    13.   A Government by the few   Oligarchy
    14.   A Government by the Nobles            Aristocracy
    15.   A Government by the officials           Bureaucracy
    16.   A Government by the people            Democracy
    17.   A Government by the rich         Plutocracy
    18.   A Government by the rich   Plutocracy
    19.   A grass eating animal              Herbivorous
    20.   A great lover of books           Bibliophile
    21.   A handwriting that cannot be read   Illegible
    22.   A land animal that breeds in water   Amphibian
    23.   A letter, poem etc. whose author is unknown            Anonymous
    24.   A life history written by oneself        Autobiography
    25.   A life history written by somebody else         Biography
    26.   A list of books            Catalogue
    27.   A list of names, books etc.   Catalogue
    28.   A loss of damage that cannot be compensated          Irreparable
    29.   A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy                Callous
    30.   A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion         Fanatic
    31.   A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion    Fanatic
    32.   A man who is easily irritated               Irritable
    33.   A medicine that kills germs  Germicide
    34.   A medicine that prevents decomposing        Antiseptic
    35.   A medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine     Antidote
    36.   A member of the middle class            Bourgeois
    37.   A method that cannot be imitated   Inimitable
    38.   A pardonable offense            Venial
    39.   A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them               Arbitrator
    40.   A person difficult to please  Fastidious
    41.   A person liable to be called to account for his action                Answerable
    42.   A person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in return              Parasite
    43.   A person who always thinks of himself; somebody who is selfish or self-centered    Egotist
    44.   A person who attacks first   Aggressor
    45.   A person who believes easily whatever he is told         Credulous
    46.   A person who believes easily whatever he is told     Credulous
    47.   A person who believes in fate            Fatalist
    48.   A person who believes that all events are pre-determined  Fatalist
    49.   A person who cannot read or write Illiterate
    50.   A person who does not believe in the institution of marriage              Misogamist
    51.   A person who has power over all      Omnipotent
    52.   A person who hates women               Misogynist
    53.   A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegal         Smuggler
    54.   A person who is above hundred years           Centenarian
    55.   A person who knows everything      Omniscient
    56.   A person who loves every body        Altruist
    57.   A person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her. Credulous
    58.   A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people’s opinions, suggestions    Impervious

    59.   A person who rides on horse-back   Equestrian
    60.   A person who speaks two languages              Bilingual
    61.   A person with an evil reputation       Notorious
    62.   A person’s peculiar habit      Idiosyncrasy
    63.   A place where orphans live Orphanage
    64.   A place where weapons and ammunitions are stored             Arsenal
    65.   A position for which no salary is paid               Honorary
    66.   A post held without receiving salary                Honorary
    67.   A post which doesn                Honorary
    68.   A remedy which never fails Infallible
    69.   A sentence whose meaning is unclear            Ambiguous
    70.   A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature                Postscript
    71.   A shortened form of a word or phrase           Abbreviation
    72.   A sound that cannot be heard            Inaudible
    73.   A speech delivered without any previous preparation            Extempore
    74.   A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation        Extempore
    75.   A state of perfect balance    Equilibrium
    76.   A statement which cannot be understood   Incomprehensible
    77.   A study of ancient things         Archaeology
    78.   A study of ancient things      Archaeology
    79.   A study of animals   Zoology
    80.   A study of birds        Ornithology
    81.   A study of derivation of words           Etymology
    82.   A study of man         Anthropology
    83.   A study of man         Anthropology
    84.   A study of races        Ethnology
    85.   A study of the body                Physiology
    86.   A supposed cure for all diseases or problems              Panacea
    87.   A thing no longer in use        Obsolete
    88.   A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes         Invisible
    89.   A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes            Invisible
    90.   A thing that is fit to be eaten              Edible
    91.   A word opposite in meaning to another        Antonym
    92.   Absence of government       Anarchy
    93.   All-powerful; possessing complete power and authority       Omnipotent
    94.   An absolute government by one man            Autocracy
    95.   An animal or a human being that eats any kind of food           Omnivorous
    96.   An animal who preys on other animals           Predator
    97.   An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concert           Audience
    98.   An exact copy         Facsimile
    99.   An exact copy            Facsimile
    100.            An office with high salary but no work    Sinecure
    101.            Anything that leads to death      Fatal
    102.            Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majority                Hung
    103.            Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birth         Congenital
    104.            Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birth            Congenital
    105.            Belonging to the Middle Ages    Medieval
    106.            Belonging to the same period of time     Contemporary
    107.            Celebration of a hundredth year, once  Centenary
    108.            Cut off the head               Behead
    109.            Destroy or get rid of something completely         Eradicate
    110.            Do away with wholly      Abolish
    111.            Free somebody from blame or guilt        Exonerate
    112.            General pardon for political offenders   Amnesty
    113.            General pardon                Amnesty
    114.            Government by officials               Bureaucracy
    115.            Government by the nobles         Aristocracy
    116.            Government by the officials       Bureaucracy
    117.            Government by the people        Democracy
    118.            Handwritten book           Manuscript
    119.            Hard but liable to be easily broken           Brittle
    120.            Hater of mankind         Misanthropist
    121.            Hater of mankind             Misanthropist
    122.            Having opposing feelings              Ambivalent
    123.            Impossible to change     Incorrigible
    124.            Incapable of being dissolved in a liquid   Insoluble
    125.            Incapable of being seized by attack         Impregnable
    126.            Inscription on a tombstone         Epitaph
    127.            Killer of one        Matricide
    128.            Liable to be called to account      Accountable
    129.            Life story of a man written by himself     Autobiography
    130.            Life story of a man written by other        Biography
    131.            Looking into one              Introspection
    132.            Lover of mankind             Philanthropist
    133.            Medical examination of a dead body      Postmortem
    134.            Men living in the same age          Contemporary
    135.            Misappropriation of money         Embezzlement
    136.            Misappropriation of money        Embezzlement
    137.            Murder of a father          Patricide
    138.            Murder of a human being            Homicide
    139.            Murder of a mother       Matricide
    140.            Murder of an brother    Fratricide
    141.            Murder of an infant        Infanticide
    142.            Murder of self   Suicide
    143.            Murder of the king          Regicide
    144.            Not applicable   Irrelevant
    145.            Of a man or animal that feeds on its own species              Cannibal
    146.            Of a man showing feminine attributes   Effeminate
    147.            Of a person extremely desirous of money           Avaricious
    148.            of a person who can use both hands equally well              Ambidextrous
    149.            Of a person who cannot be pleased easily            Fastidious
    150.            Of a person who easily believes whatever is told to him                Credulous
    151.            Of animals feeding on flesh         Carnivorous
    152.            Of animals feeding on grass and plants  Herbivorous
    153.            Of animals living in flocks              Gregarious
    154.            Of manners more like those of a woman than a man       Effeminate
    155.            One incapable of being tired       Indefatigable
    156.            One who always thinks himself to be ill  Valetudinarian
    157.            One who believes in fate             Fatalist
    158.            One who believes in God             Theist
    159.            One who calculates premium     Actuary
    160.            One who can do anything for money         Mercenary
    161.            One who can do anything for money      Mercenary
    162.            One who can make himself at home in all countries         Cosmopolitan
    163.            One who can make himself at home in all countries         Cosmopolitan
    164.            One who can speak two languages          Bilingual
    165.            One who can throw his voice      Ventriloquist
    166.            One who cannot be corrected   Incorrigible
    167.            One who cannot read or write   Illiterate
    168.            One who changes sides                Turncoat
    169.            One who copies from other writers         Plagiarist
    170.            One who copies from other writers         Plagiarist
    171.            One who damages public property          Vandal
    172.            One who dies without a Will       Intestate
    173.            One who does not believe in the existence of God          Atheist
    174.            One who does not care for art, literature etc      Philistine
    175.            One who does not make mistakes           Infallible
    176.            One who does something not professionally but for pleasure     Amateur
    177.            One who doesn’t know how to read and write  Illiterate
    178.            One who doubts the existence of god         Agnostic
    179.            One who doubts the existence of god   Agnostic
    180.            One who eats too much               Glutton
    181.            One who feels sympathetic towards human beings         Humanitarian
    182.            One who goes on foot         Pedestrian
    183.            One who goes on foot   Pedestrian
    184.            One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views       Bigot
    185.            One who has no money                Pauper
    186.            One who has strange habits        Eccentric
    187.            One who hates mankind         Misanthrope
    188.            One who hates mankind              Misanthrope
    189.            One who hates women         Misogynist
    190.            One who hates women                Misogynist
    191.            One who helps others Good       Samaritan
    192.            One who is a newcomer               Neophyte
    193.            One who is all powerful                Omnipotent
    194.            One who is difficult to please     Fastidious
    195.            One who is easily deceived         Gullible
    196.            One who is fond of sensuous pleasures                Epicure
    197.            One who is greedy for money         Avaricious
    198.            One who is greedy for money    Avaricious
    199.            One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain           Stoic
    200.            One who is new to a trade or profession               Novice
    201.            One who is not easily pleased         Fastidious
    202.            One who is not easily pleased    Fastidious
    203.            One who is out to subvert a government         Anarchist
    204.            One who is out to subvert a government              Anarchist
    205.            One who is present everywhere              Omnipresent
    206.            One who is qualifies for election               Eligible
    207.            One who is quite like a woman  Effeminate
    208.            One who is recovering from illness          Convalescent
    209.            One who is unable to pay his debts        Insolvent
    210.            One who is unable to pay his debts         Insolvent
    211.            One who is unmarried         Celibate
    212.            One who is unmarried   Celibate
    213.            One who knows everything        Omniscient
    214.            One who knows many languages         Polyglot
    215.            One who knows many languages             Polyglot
    216.            One who lives in a foreign country           Immigrant
    217.            One who looks on the bright side of things          Optimist
    218.            One who looks on the dark side of things         Pessimist
    219.            One who looks on the dark side of things             Pessimist
    220.            One who loves books    Bibliophile
    221.            One who loves mankind               Philanthropist
    222.            One who makes an official examination of accounts        Auditor
    223.            One who pretends to be what he is not                Hypocrite
    224.            One who pursues some art or sport as hobby     Amateur
    225.            One who questions everything         Cynic
    226.            One who questions everything Cynic
    227.            One who speaks less      Reticent
    228.            One who thinks only for oneself, a person who is selfish, self absorbed and self centered            Egoist
    229.            One who thinks only of himself Egoist
    230.            One who thinks only of welfare of women         Feminist
    231.            One who thinks only of welfare of women          Feminist
    232.            One who works for free               Volunteer          
    233.            People living at the same time   Contemporaries
    234.            People of noble families or the highest social class           Aristocracy
    235.            People who work together         Colleagues
    236.            Person who rides on horse-back               Equestrian
    237.            Persons living in the same age   Contemporaries
    238.            Practice of having one wife or husband Monogamy
    239.            Practice of having several husbands        Polyandry
    240.            Practice of having several wives                Polygamy
    241.            Practice of having two wives or husbands             Bigamy
    242.            Recovering from illness Convalescent
    243.            Remarks which do not ally apply to the subject under discussion               Irrelevant
    244.            Rule by the mob               Mobocracy
    245.            Science of coins or medals           Numismatics
    246.            Science of origin of universe       Cosmology
    247.            Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else  Namesake
    248.            Somebody who doesn  Vegetarian
    249.            somebody who eats human flesh            Cannibal
    250.            Somebody who is considerably experienced in something           Veteran
    251.            Somebody who works or serves only for personal profit               Mercenary
    252.            Something said or done without preparation      Extempore
    253.            Something that cannot be corrected       Incorrigible
    254.            Something that cannot be imitated         Inimitable
    255.            Something that has been determined beforehand          Foregone
    256.            Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed with            Indispensable
    257.            Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned         Inflammable
    258.            Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned          Inflammable
    259.            Something that quickly catches fire         Inflammable
    260.            Spoken or done without preparation      Extempore
    261.            state of antagonism        Hostility
    262.            Statements open to more than interpretation   Ambiguous
    263.            Study of environment   Ecology
    264.            Systematic study of election trends         Psephology
    265.            That can be eaten            Edible
    266.            That cannot be altered or withdrawn      Irrevocable
    267.            That is prohibited by law               Illicit
    268.            That through which light can partly pass                Translucent
    269.            That through which light can pass             Transparent
    270.            That through which light cannot pass      Opaque
    271.            That which cannot be avoided   Inevitable
    272.            That which cannot be believed  Incredible
    273.            That which cannot be changed  Irrevocable
    274.            That which cannot be conquered              Invincible
    275.            That which cannot be cured        Incurable
    276.            That which cannot be defended               Indefensible
    277.            That which cannot be described                Indescribable
    278.            That which cannot be explained                Inexplicable
    279.            That which cannot be hurt         Invulnerable
    280.            That which cannot be hurt           Invulnerable
    281.            That which cannot be imitated   Inimitable
    282.            That which cannot be noticed    Imperceptible
    283.            That which cannot be practiced Impracticable
    284.            That which cannot be put into practice   Impracticable
    285.            That which cannot be read          Illegible
    286.            That which cannot be satisfied   Insatiable
    287.            That which cannot be seen          Invisible
    288.            That which does not bear the name of the writer             Anonymous
    289.            That which is against law               Illegal
    290.            That which is considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social standards   Illicit
    291.            That which is lawful         Legal
    292.            That which is not likely to happen             Improbable
    293.            That which is unlikely to happen               Improbable
    294.            The act of killing an infant             Infanticide
    295.            The action of looking back on past time         Introspection
    296.            The action of looking back on past time Introspection
    297.            The area over which an official has control           Jurisdiction
    298.            The branch of biology dealing with plant life        Botany
    299.            The custom of having more than one husband at a time                Polyandry
    300.            The custom of having more than one wife at a time         Polygamy
    301.            The first speech made by a person         Maiden
    302.            The first speech made by a person          Maiden
    303.            The killing of an infant    Infanticide
    304.            The life story of a man written by himself             Autobiography
    305.            The murder or murderer of one                Fratricide
    306.            The period between childhood and adulthood   Adolescence
    307.            The science which treats with life             Biology
    308.            To date before the true time      Antedate
    309.            To explain something mysterious or difficult       Elucidate
    310.            To free somebody from all blame             Exonerate
    311.            To give one         Delegate
    312.            To go down in value        Depreciate
    313.            To go from bad to worse              Deteriorate
    314.            To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease             Aggravate
    315.            To increase the speed; to hasten the progress of              Accelerate
    316.            To lay special stress on  Emphasize
    317.            To rise in value  Appreciate
    318.            To root out an evil, disease          Eradicate
    319.            To take away some one                Disenfranchisement
    320.            To take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner, usually for ransom           Kidnap
    321.            To transfer one’s authority to another   Delegate
    322.            To turn friends in enemies           Alienate
    323.            To write under a different name               Pseudonym
    324.            Very negative person    Pessimist
    325.            Violating the sanctity of a church              Sacrilege
    326.            Water fit for drinking      Potable
    327.            Without life        Inanimate
    328.            Without payment            Gratis
    329.            Words which have the same meaning    Synonyms
    330.            Words written on the tomb of a person                   Epitaph
    331.            Work for which no salary is paid                Honorary
    332.            Worship of idols               Idolatry

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