30. Sentence Completion

30. Sentence Completion

Select the correct word or phrase to complete a grammatical and idiomatic sentence.

1. These essays are intellectually .............. and represent various levels of complexity.
(a) revealing (b) modern
(c) superior (d) demanding
2. The soldiers are instructed to .......... restraint and handle the situation peacefully.
(a) exercise (b) control
(c) enforce (d) remain
3. Since one connot read every book, one should be content with making a ........ selection.
(a) normal (b) standard
(c) sample (d) judicious
4. How do you expect that country to progress when her government is corrupt, ..... and still largely feudal?
(a) devalued (b) dwinding
(c) demobilised (d) demeaning
5. The truck was ...... the trafic and the policeman asked the driver to move off.
(a) failing (b) obstructing
(c) obviating (d) hiding
6. The paternalistic attitude is so ingrained to the managements that they will have to ........ try to change it.
(a) casually (b) slowly
(c) subtly (d) inadvertently
7. There has been a ...... lack of efficiency in all the crucial areas of the working of Public Sector Undertakings.
(a) positive (b) surprising
(c) conspicuous (d) stimulative
8. The only way to ...... the country from the evils of communalism is to enforce the rule of law.
(a) eradicate (b) mobilise
(c) extricate (d) purge
9. Even at the risk of economic loss, he ...... refused to take the beaten track.
(a) repeatedly (b) stead fastly
(c) regularly (d) continuously
10. On his sudden demise, may emotions were so complicated that it was ......... how I felt.
(a) unreasonable (b) impossible
(c) inexplicable (d) unimaginable
11. Experts fail to understand the ..... behind the decision to move coal by road when there is enough rail capacity in this sector
(a) ideology (b) judgement
(c) rationale (d) politics
12. Automobile manufacturers are reviving up to launch a compaign designed to increase consumer ........ about the new emmission control.
(a) production (b) education
(c) awareness (d) knowledge
13. The word gharana points to the ...... concepts of stylistic individuality and handing down of tradition within family confines.
(a) joint (b) conflicting
(c) dual (d) contradictory
14. The criminals managed to escape from the prison even through two armed policemen were ....... vigil over them.
(a) taking (b) putting
(c) guarding (d) keeping
15. The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on .....on one point alone.
(a) dilating (b) devoting
(c) deliberating (d) diluting
Sentence Completion
16. As soon as my attention was ........ the dangerous state of the staircase, I got it repaired.
(a) drawn for (b) drawn upon
(c) drawn near (d) drawn to
17. I wish my brother -........ here to listen to this entertaining lecture.
(a) would be (b) has been
(c) is (d) were
18. Did you think you ........ somewhere before?
(a) have seen me (b) saw me
(c) had seen me (d) would see me
19. Do not force me to ........ you on this issue; I am not at all convinced.
(a) agree upon (b) concur with
(c) join over (d) equate with
20. Having ........ only in salt water before, I found it a little difficult to swim in fresh water.
(a) swam (b) swum
(c) had swam (d) swimming
21. Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than ............... .
(a) to all human beings
(b) that of all human beings
(c) is of all human beings
(d) that of the all human beings
22. It is good form to use the name of the person ............... .
(a) who are greeting
(b) you are greeting
(c) which you are greeting
(d) greeting for you
23. .............. that increasing numbers of compact disc players will be bought by consumers in the years to come.
(a) They are anticipated
(b) In anticipation
(c) Anticipating
(d) It is anticipated
24. He was frightened ...............
(a) to be killed (b) to being killed
(c) for being killed (d) of being killed
25. Capitalist society .............. profit as a valued goal.
(a) which regards (b) regarding
(c) regards (d) was regarded
26. The impact of two vehicles can cause a lot of .............. to both.
(a) damage (b) damages
(c) damaging (d) damagings
27. .............. the reactions of people with amnesia, scientists are learning about the process of memory of the brain.
(a) By studying (b) To study
(c) They study (d) They are studying
28. I hope she ............... .
(a) must come (b) should come
(c) will come (d) must be coming
29. .............. as President, a candidate must win a majority of votes.
(a) Elected (b) To be elected
(c) Having elected (d) Electing
30. Encounters between people from different countries can result in misunderstandings .............. different conceptions about space.
(a) because they (b) is because they
(c) is because their (d) of their
31. If you are really not feeling well, you .......... a doctor.
(a) should better see (b) may see
(c) had better see (d) would rather see
32. If only I.......... his address, I would most certainly have told you.
(a) know (b) knew
(c) had known (d) off
33. The marathon race is intended to test one’s endurance more...........
(a) than his speed (b) than how fast one runs
(c) than one’s speed (d) lain off
34. If only you had spoken clearly, you
(a) would not be misunderstood
(b) would not have been misunderstanding.
(c) would not have been misunderstood.
(d) would not have misunderstood.
35. .........., a bus almost ran over him.
(a) Running across the road
(b) Running on the road
(c) When he ran across the road
(d) When he was running through the road.
1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (d) 4. (c) 5. (b) 6. (c)
7. (c) 8. (d) 9. (b) 10. (c) 11. (c) 12. (c)
13. (c) 14. (d) 15. (c)
16. (d) drawn to
Certain Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Participles are always
followed by certain Prepositions.
17. (d) were
The Past Subjunctive ‘were ‘is used after tile verb wish, to
indicate a situation, which is contrary to fact or unreal; as in,
I wish I were a millionaire.
18. (c) had seen me
19. (c) concur with
20. (b) swum
21. (b) Since a comparison is being made there must be a subject in
both parts of sentence divided by than. There must be ‘that’
in the second part therefore, (d) is incorrect because of
incorrect usage of article ‘the’.
22. (b) There is no need for ‘who’ or ‘which’ (both of which are
incorrect ‘whom’ will be the right pronoun) the clause follows
the subject ‘person’ directly and need not be connected
through a pronoun.
23. (d) It is a passive voice sentence and the phrase before ‘that’
should be a complete passive form of verb and not a gerund.
24. (d) ‘of’ is the preposition used with frightened.
25. (c) Capitalist society is the singular subject and the statement
made is a dictum, so present infinitive tense will be used.
26. (a) The use of the word here is as a ‘noun’ not as a verb thus
damage will be the right answer.
Tip : A sentence of form this can cause, will always be
followed by a noun.
27. (a) There cannot be a subject in the first part of the sentence as
the same subject is given on the second part so (c) and (d) are
eliminated. To study is the infinitive verb which will not be
used here, because it suggests the action which is the affect
and not the cause. e.g. ‘To gain something you have to lose
something else’.
By studying is the right answer because this gives the cause
for the verb in the latter part of the sentence.
28. (c) Modals such as must or should cannot be used with ‘hope’.
29. (b) The subject of the sentence is candidate, but in the first part
there is no subject, it should be passive or have an active
subject. (b) is the only option with passive verb.
30. (d) ‘because’ cannot be used as the conjunction in this sentence
because for the sentence to be complete it should be followed
by an ‘of’, i.e., because of their, since this is not the option
‘of their’ is the most appropriate use.
31. (c) had better see
32. (c) had known
33. (c) than one’s speed.
Here ‘than’, used as a preposition, as;
I need more than fifty rupees for this magazine.
34. (b) would not have been misunderstood.
35. (c) When he ran across the road
The past tense is needed here as the sentence indicates.
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