11. verb

11. verb

Verb (basic)

Verb: Verb shows some activity

Verbs are two types

(1) Helping Verb
(2) Main Verb
Helping Verb:  which helps to make the sentence complete. Helping verb are two types

(i)                 Models:  
(ii)               Auxillary verbs
(iii)             Marginal verbs

Models:  don’t  work  as main verb. For example , Can,  Could,  May,  Might, Shall , should, will, would , must, ought to etc.

 Ex.  He can play football            model verb: Can,   main verb: play

Auxillary Verb:  which works  as helping verb and main verb both. For Example  is , am , are, do, does , was , ware, has, have, had, etc   

Ex.   David is a good boy.      is => Auxillary verb and Main

Note: some times auxillary verb need to use main verb. They can not complete the sentence alone.

For example,

He is a man.     Auxillary verb   => is  ,  No need to use main verb.

He is going to Agra.   Auxillary verb   => is  , but needs main verb (Go+ ing Form)  to complete the sentence.

Marginal Verb:  works as Main verb and Model both. For Example  NeedDare, Used to .

For example,

(I)                  I used to playing in the morning.
(II)                You need not go to school.
(III)             He dare not to talk me.s

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