सामान्य ज्ञान [G.K] ➩ इम्पोर्टेन्ट संकेताक्षर(Abbreviations) की सूची

सामान्य ज्ञान [G.K] ➩ इम्पोर्टेन्ट संकेताक्षर(Abbreviations) की सूची

    हम विभिन्न प्रवेश परीक्षाओं के लिए पिछले परीक्षाओं को देखते हैं कि संकेताक्षरों पर आधारित कुछ प्रश्न हमेशा पूछे जाते हैं। यहाँ एक छोटी सी सूची है जो हमने आपके लिए तैयार की  है। कृपया आप इसे अच्छे से  याद करने का प्रयास करें।
    यह बैंकिंग परीक्षा (क्लर्क, पीओ, एमटी), एसएससी, एफसीआई और अन्य प्रवेश परीक्षाओं के लिए उपयोगी है।
    संकेताक्षरों पर आधारित  सूची.......

    1. LPG     Liquefied Petroleum Gas                    
    2. TNT     Tri Nitro Toluen
    3. RNA     Ribonucleic Acid                           
    4. CNG     Compressed Natural Gas
    5. ATP     Adenosine Tri Phosphate              
    6. RBC     Red Blood Cells/Corpuscles
    7. ECG     Electro Cardio Gram                     
    8. PVC     Poly vinyl Chloride 
    9. RAM     Random Access Memory              
    10. CFC     Chloro Fluoro Carbon
    11. LASER     Light Amplification by Stimulated emission of Radiation                      
    12. RADAR     Radio Detection And Ranging
    13. AIDS     Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome                                 
    14. ROM     Read Only Memory
    15. LAN     Local Area Network                    
    16. WWW     World Wide Web
    17. DNA     Deoxyribonucleic Acid                
    18. SONAR     Sound Navigation And Ranging
    19. SARS     Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  
    20. NTP     Network Time Protocol/ Normal Temperature and Pressure     
    21. RQ     Respiratory Quotient
    22. NPN     Negative Positive Negative       
    23. PNP     Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase
    24. WAN     Wide Area Network                  
    25. CPU     Central Processing Unit
    26. BCG     Bacillus Calmette Guerin           
    27. STP     Standard Temperature And Pressure/Shielded Twisted Pair/Sodium Tripolyphosphate/Spanning Tree Protocol
    28. ATP     Adenosine Triphosphate          
    29. KWh     Kilo Watt Hour 
    30. BTU     British thermal Unit                   
    31. LDL     Low Density Lipoprotein
    32. MAF     Million Acre Feet                  
    33. HDL     Hardware Description Language
    34. MCV     Mean Corpuscular Volume   
    35. UHF     Ultra High Frequency
    36. LED     Light emitting Diode              
    37. LCD     Liquid Crystal Display
    38. BASIC     Beginner’s All    Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
    39. MASER     Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
    40. ETT     Educational Telecommunications and Technology/ European Transaction on Telecommunication
    41. HST     High Speed Technology/ High Speed Train (in UK)/Hubble Space Telescope
    42. DBS     Data Base Server/ Direct Broadcast Satellite  
    43. CRO     Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    44. BOT     Build, Operate and Transfer/Botulinum Toxin
    45. AMU     Atomic Mass Unit     
    46. EMF     Electro Motive force
    47. ADH     Anti    diuretic Hormone   
    48. GeV     Giga Electro Volt
    49. CRT     Cathode Ray Tube          
    50. CNS     Central Nervous System
    51. PTFE     Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
    52. GUT     Grand Unified Theory
    53. LONAR     Long Range Navigation    
    54. MeV     Mega Electron Volt/ Million Electron Volt/ Multi   experiment Viewer
    55. AWACS     Airborne Warning and Control System  
    56. ABM     Anti    Ballistic Missile 
    57. AC     Alternating Current/Air Conditioning
    58 AEC     Atomic Energy Commission  
    59. Alt     Altitude
    60. AM     Ante Maridiem (Before Noon/Midday)  
    61. Amp     Ampere
    62. APTEC     All Pakistan Technology Engineers Council
    63. ATM     Automated Teller Machine (Banking) 
    64. AW     Atomic Weight/ Asia Watch 
    65. BIOS     Basic Input Output System
    66. BDS     Bachelor Of Dental Surgery/ Bomb Disposal Squad
    67. BP     Blood Pressure/ Boiling Point/ Blue Print  
    68. CAA     Civil Aviation Authority 
    69. CABB     Centre Of Agricultural Biochemistry And
    70. Cal     Calorie  
    71. CD     Compact Disc/ Civil Defence/ Community Development
    72. CD    ROM     Compact Disc Read    Only Memory  
    73. CECP     Cotton Export Corporation Of Pakistan
    74. CHASNUPP     Chashma Nuclear Power Plant  
    75. CMCC     China Mobile Communications Corporation
    76. COM     Computer Aided Manufacturing 
    77. COMSAT     Communications Satellite Corporation
    78. COMSTECH     Council Of Scientific And Technology Cooperation Of Islamic Conference
    79. CSIRO     Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation
    80. CTBT     Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty  
    81. CT    Scan     Computerised Axial Tomography Scanning
    82. DVD     Dynamic Versatile Disc   
    83. ECAT     Engineering Colleges Admission Test
    84. EDB     Engineering Development Board  
    85. EEG     Electroencephalogram
    86. ENERCON     Energy Conservation Centre 
    87. EPA     Energy Protection Agency
    88. EPD     Energy Protection Department 
    89. ESA     European Space Agency
    90. ESRO     European Space Research Organisation 
    91. FAT     File Allocation Table
    92. FCPS     Fellow Of The Royal College Of Physicians And Surgeons
    93. FM     Frequency Modulation  
    94. FMCT     Fissile Material Cut    Off Treaty
    95. FRCS     Fellow Of The Royal College Of Surgeons   
    96. GHz. Gigahertz
    97. GMT     Greenwich Mean Tim   
    98. HIV     Human Immune Deficiency Virus  
    99. HTML     Hypertext Mark    Up Language
    100. HTTP     Hypertext Transfer Protocol  
    101. IAEA     International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)
    102. IBM     International Business Machine 
    103. IC     Integrated Circuit/ Intelligence Corps
    104. ICBM     Inter  Continental Ballistic Missile 
    105. ICU     Intensive Care Unit
    106. IEA     International Energy Agency
    107. INSTRAW     International Research And Training Institute For The Advancement Of Women
    108. INTELSAC     International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium
    109. Intelsat     International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
    110. IRBM     Intermediate Range ballistic Missile 
    111. ISP     Internet Service Provider  
    112. IT     Information Technology 
    113. ITB     Information Technology Board  
    114. JAXA     Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    115. KANUPP     Karachi Nuclear Power Plant 
    116. KAPCO     Kot Adu Power Company
    117. kHz     Kilohertz  
    118. KV     Kilo Volt  
    119. kW     Kilowatt
    120. MCAT     Medical Colleges Admission Test 
    121. MDS     Master In Dental Surgery
    122. MNP     Mobile Number Probability 
    123. MRBM     Medium Range Ballistic Missile
    124. MRCP     Member Of Royal College Of Physicians
    125. MRCS     Member Of Royal College Of Surgeons 
    126. MRI     Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
    127. MS     Medical Superintendent  
    128. MSN     Microsoft Network
    129. MW     Megawatt  
    130. NADRA     National Database And Registration Authority
    131. NEPRA     National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
    132. NM     Nautical Mile  
    133. NMD     National Missile Defence  
    134. NPT     Non    Nuclear Proliferation Treaty 
    135. NRA     Nuclear Regulatory Authority
    136. OGRA     Oil And Gas Regulatory Authority
    137. NWD     Nation Wide Dialling 
    138. OGDC     Oil And Gas Development Corporation
    139. pm     Post Meridiem 
    140. PEMRA     Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
    141. PTA     Pakistan Telecommunication Authority 
    142. RADAR     Radio Detection and Ranging
    143. SALT     Strategic Arms Limitation Talks 
    144. SLV     Satellite Launch Vehicle
    145. SMS     Short Message Service 
    146. SNGPL     Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
    147. SONAR     Sound Navigation And Ranging 
    148. SSGPL     Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited
    149. STD     Subscriber’s Trunk Dialling  
    150. STM     Subscriber Identification
    151. SUPARCO     Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Committee (Pakistan)
    152. TB     Tubercle Bacillus/ Tuberculosis 
    153. UHF     Ultra High Frequency
    154. UNAEC     United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
    155. UNESCO     United Nations Education, Scientific And Cultural Organisation
    156. VCD     Video Compact Disc 
    157. VHF     Very High Frequency
    158. WAN     Wide Area Network  
    159. WAP     Wireless Application Protocol
    160. WAPDA     Water And Power Development Authority
    161. WHO     World Health Organisation 
    162. WMD     Weapons Of Mass Destruction
    163. WWF     World Wildlife Fund   
    164. ZPG     Zero Population Growth
    165.       ASEAN    Association of South East Asian Nations
    166.       AITUC    All India Trade Union Congress
    167.       ABM    Anti Ballistic Missiles           
    168.       AIDS    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    169.       AIIMS    All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    170.       AIR    All India Radio; Annual Information report              
    171.       AWACS    Airborne Warning and Control System    
    172.       BBC    British Broadcasting Corporation
    173.       BCG    Bacillus Calmette Guerin
    174.       BARC    Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
    175.       BC    Before Christ; Board of Control
    176.       BIFR    Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
    177.       BIOS    Basic Input Output System
    178.       BMD    Ballistic Missile Defense System
    179.       CADA    Command Area Development Agency
    180.       CET     Common Entrance Test
    181.       CA    Chartered Accountant
    182.       CRAC    Cyber Regulation Advisory Council
    183.       CRDI    Common Rail Direct Injection
    184.       CRR    Cash Reserve Ratio
    185.       CSIR    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
    186.       CTBT    Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
    187.       CRPF    Central Reserve Police Force

    188.       DDT    Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro ethane
    189.       DNA    De    oxyribo Nucleic Acid
    190.       DAVP    Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
    191.       DTH    Direct to Home
    192.       ESMA    Essential Services Maintenance Act
    193.       ESCAP     Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
    194.       ECS    Electronic Cleaning Service
    195.       ECG    Electro Cardio  Gram
    196.       EEG    Electro  Encephalography
    197.       EMI    Equated Monthly Instalment
    198.       ESMA    Essential Services Maintenance Act
    199.       EVM    Electronic Voting Machine
    200.       FDR    Flight Data Recorder; Fixed Deposit Receipt
    201.       FAO     Food and Agriculture Organisation
    202.       FEMA    Foreign Exchange Management Act
    203.       FERA    Foreign Exchange Regulations Act
    204.       FICCI    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
    205.       FDI    Foreign Direct Investment
    206.       FII    Foreign Institutional Investors
    207.       FIPB    Foreign Investment Promotion Board
    208.       FLAG    Fiber Optic Link Around the Globe
    209.       FTP    File Transfer Protocol

    210.       GATT     General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
    211.       GAIL    Gas Authority of India Limited
    212.       GIST    Graphics and Intelligence based Script Technology
    213.       GPRS    General Packet Radio System
    214.       GPS    Global Positioning System
    215.       GST    Goods and Service Tax
    216.       HUDCO    Housing and Urban Development Corporation
    217.       HDI    Human Development Index
    218.       HDTV    High Definition Television
    219.       HTML    Hyper Text Markup Language
    220.       HTTP    Hype Text Transfer Protocol
    221.       ICDS    Integrated Child Development Scheme
    222.       IGNOU    Indira Gandhi National Open University
    223.       IOC    International Olympic Committee
    224.       INTERPOL    International Criminal Police Organization
    225.       IRDP    Integrated Rural Development Programme 
    226.       IFC     International Finance Corporation
    227.       ITU     International Telecommunication Union
    228.       ILO     International Labour Organisation
    229.       IFAD     International Fund for Agricultural Development
    230.       IFS     Indian Foreign Service
    231.       IPS     Indian police service
    232.       IAS     Indian Administrative service
    233.       IRS     Indian Revenue Service
    234.       IIS     Indian information Service
    235.       ICAS     Indian Civil Accounts Service
    236.       IRPS     Indian Railway Personnel Service
    237.       IDES     Indian Defence Estate Service
    238.       IBPS     Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
    239.       IDA     International Development Association
    240.       IST    Indian Standard Time
    241.       JPC    Joint Parliamentary Committee
    242.       JPEG    Joint Photographic Experts Group
    243.       KPO    Knowledge Process Outsourcing
    244.       LTTE    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
    245.       LCA    Light Combat Aircraft
    246.       LOAC    Line of Actual Control
    247.       LTA    Light Transport Aircraft
    248.       MBBS    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
    249.       MFN    Most Favoured Nation
    250.       MIP    Moon Impact Probe
    251.       MMS    Multimedia Messaging Service
    252.       MODEM    Modulator Demodulator
    253.       MRI    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    254.       MVC    Maha Vir Chakra

    255.       NABARD    National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development
    256.       NAV    Net Asset Value
    257.       NCERT    National Council of Education Research and Training
    258.       NHRC    National Human Rights Commission
    259.       NPR    National Population Register
    260.       OGL    Open General License
    261.       OPEC    Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    262.       PAN    Permanent Account Number
    263.       POTA    Prevention of Terrorism Act
    264.       PVC    Param Vir Chakra
    265.       PVSM    Param Vishisht Sewa Medal
    266.       RAF    Rapid Action Force
    267.       RBI   Reserve Bank of India
    268.       RCC    Reinforced Concrete Cement
    269.       RLV    Reusable Launch Vehicle
    270.       SWAPO    South West African Peoples Organization
    271.       SAARC     South Asian Association for Regional Co    operation
    272.       SARS    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
    273.       SATNAV    Satellite Navigation
    274.       SDR    Special Drawing Rights
    275.       SEBI    Securities and Exchange Board of India
    276.       SWIFT    Society for Worldwide Financial Telecommunication
    277.       SSA     Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
    278.       TADA    Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act
    279.       TDS    Tax Deduction at Source
    280.       TIFR    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
    281.       TIN    Tax Information Network
    282.       UNIDO     United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
    283.       UGC    University Grants Commission
    284.       UNEF    United Nations Emergency Force
    285.       UNEP     United Nations Environment Programme
    286.       UNI     United News of India
    287.       UNICEF     United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
    288.       UNHCR     United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    289.       VDIS    Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme
    290.       VLSI    Very Large Scale Integration
    291.       VOIP    Voice Over Internet Protocol
    292.       VPN    Virtual Private Network
    293.       VRS    Voluntary Retirement Scheme
    294.       VSAT    Very Small Aperture Terminals
    295.       WHO    World Health Organisation
    296.       WIPO     World intellectual property Organisation
    297.       WLL    Wireless in Local Loop
    298.       WMD    Weapon of Mass Destruction
    299.       WTO    World Trade Organisation
    300.       XML    eXtensible Markup Language
    301.       YMCA    Young Men’s Christian Association
    302.       YWCA    Young Women’s Christian Association
    303.       ZSI    Zoological Survey of India

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