Computer Knowledge Quiz No.3 ➩ Basics Of Computers

Computer Knowledge Quiz No.3 ➩ Basics Of Computers

    1who is "The fathers of the Internet" ?

    A. Vint Cerf
    B. Tim Lee
    C. Anderson Ge
    D. Robert Finn

    Vint Cerf

    2 The first computer was installed in India?

    A. IISC Bengluru
    B. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
    C. IIT Kanpur
    D. ISRO

    Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

    3The full form of IP?

    A. Internal Point
    B. Internet Pair
    C. Initial Protocol
    D. Internet Protocol

    Internet Protocol

    4What is the standard protocol of the Internet ?

    A. SPI
    B. TCP/IP
    C. HTPP
    D. ISI


    5DNS Is stands for?

    A. Digital Network Service
    B. Domain Name System
    C. Disk Numbering System
    D. Data Number Sequence

    Digital Network Service

    6 Which Company invented Java ?

    A. IBM
    B. Microsoft
    C. Apple
    D. Sun


    7'Which Company's product is the operating system UNIX??

    A. Microsoft
    B. BELL Laboratories
    C. Pixel
    D. IBM

    BELL Laboratories

    8 The most powerful type of computer is?

    A. Super computer
    B. Super–microchip
    C. Semi conductor
    D. Super–micro

    Super computer

    9Which is called the Web pages Language ?

    A. DDL
    B. UML
    D. SQL


    10Which is the India’s first super computer ?

    A. Agni
    B. Chetna
    C. Senix
    D. Param


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