Computer Knowledge Quiz No.4 ➩ Basics Of Computers

Computer Knowledge Quiz No.4 ➩ Basics Of Computers

    1Which of the hardware device allows you to input information into the computer?

    A. Printer
    B. Keyboard
    C. Modem
    D. Mouse


    2Any part of the computer that you can see or touch is called?

    A. Flash Drive
    B. Software
    C. Hardware
    D. Hard Drive


    3Which output device displays the Results?

    A. Hard Drive/CPU
    B. Printer
    D. Monitor


    4The standardized IEEE 802.3 specification is

    A. Ethernet
    B. Bluetooth
    C. WiMAX
    D. None


    5Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks (DAWN) is Related to

    A. 2G
    B. 3G
    C. 4G
    D. 5G


    6Which among the following is NOT a search engine?

    A. Google
    B. Yahoo
    C. Baidu
    D. Alexa


    7Data transmitted over the Internet is broken into?

    A. Digits
    B. Bits
    C. Packets
    D. Signals


    8 A computer uses the language to understand and work?

    A. Machine Language
    B. Assembly
    C. High-level
    D. None

    Machine Language

    9What is the Full form of URL ?

    A. Uniform Registered Link
    B.Unified Resource Link
    C.Uniform Resource Locator
    D. Uniform Resource Link

    Uniform Resource Locator

    10The Data is stored in computer in the form of ?

    A. Binary
    B. Octal
    C. Hexal
    D. Integer


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